What is Crypto’Worm’ (Ransomware Cyber Attack) & How to Stay Safe?

The horrendous ransomware cyber attack has been underway since 12th May,2017. It has been reported to have infected over 230,000 computers in more than 150 countries including India.

The Cryptoworm targets computers running Microsoft Windows OS by encrypting their data and demanding ransom in Bitcoin (the digital currency which is decentralised and is impossible to be traced) upto $300 in three days and $600 in seven days and sometimes even more upto $1300

The hackers take control of the data of computer system and block access to it until ransom is paid. The cyber security experts have advised not to pay the ransom since there have been no reports of hackers de-encrypting the data once the ransom is paid.

The best way to protect yourself is to keep all the files backed-up in a separate system. Downloading a bad program or visiting a website that displays malicious adverts, or clicking on links that takes you to a fraudulous site that needs your login details may install malware on your device.

Hence, be cautious of unsolicited emails and type web addresses instead of clicking and install antivirus that blocks secret installations and scans files before they are downloaded.


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