Set Your Own Trend: 9 Summer Looks for Perfect Style

Get inspired and carry these street-side looks to be different and sporty. Shop these looks to spruce up your style mantra.

1.) Sporty Trouser

Cool pants paired with an elegant cardi (jumper that fastens in the front with buttons or zipper) give a perfect summer look.


2.) Tailored Tennis Shorts

These sexy shorts in white will go a long way with both comfort and style.


3.) Slinky Jumpsuit

The all-in-one jumpsuit is everyday-appropriate. Pair them up with sneakers.


4.) Power Shoulder Jacket

This is the most forward trends featured by many hollywood celebrities like Kim Kardishian. Wearing it will give you a powerful look like a boss!


5.) Sunglasses in Rose Gold

These round sunnies with an added pink hue will instantly add to your look.


6.) Channel Jacket

Get yourself summer night-ready with the channel jacket. Pair it up with boyfriend jeans.


7.) Gingham Bag

Gingham is a cotton fabric made from dyed and white yarn woven in checks. This slinky bag will go with any outfit you wear.


8.) Flower power floral top

Dress up like a next generation boho chick with this modified peasant top.


9.) Boyfriend Button-Down Shirt

Skip your easy tee and replace it with a boyfriend Button-Down shirt to look funky. Pair it up with bum-shorts.




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