Lenovo P2 vs Redmi Note 4 – Let’s See Which Power House Wins!

Selecting a phone to buy these days can be a daunting task given to the fact that each phone brings in so much competition to its contemporaries. The Lenovo P2 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4- the two phones that are battery masters give a tough fight to one another. They both appear to deliver great performance with amazing battery life.

Let us know which one is really better-


Both the phones have metal build,shiny portions, good in-hand feel and fit buttons. Despite of having a bigger battery, the P2 has curved back and thinner frame. It also features a premium design and feel to it making it a winner here.

The Lenovo P2 packs 401 pixels per inch given to “Super AMOLED Full HD” display. The Redmi Note 4 is no less, having same pixel density. The screen of the P2 is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 whereas the Redmi Note 4 has no such protection. Use of tempered glass is advised on both phones. The P2 also has an advantage of better touch sensitivity.


Both phones are powered by 2GHz Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 SoC, 3GB/4GB RAM & Adreno 506. The Lenovo packs Android Marshmallow while Xiaomi has its look-alike variant with tons of features and customizations. ( It is slated to pick up Nougat update shortly). This, therefore,boils down to one’s preference.

The P2 is very efficient on multi-tasking. The Redmi Note 4 is no slouch here but it sometimes drops heavy games. MIUI8 has better themes option whereas P2 lacks on this front.


The Lenovo P2 packs a stunning 5100mAh battery with super-fast charging. The Redmi Note 4 comes with 4100mAh battery with not-so.great QC 2.0 fast charging. The P2 takes only 2 hours to get fully-charged whereas the Redmi Note 4 takes near about 2.5 hours.

The P2 gives a gain of about 20-30% considering battery life. Thus, the P2 definitely has an edge.


Both phones sport 13MP rear shooter but the Redmi has a wider field of view with more saturated colours. The P2 gives more true-to-life images and has a better dynamic range. The 5MP selfie shooter is on both the phones with the P2 shooting sharper images.


Both the phones give a pretty good gaming experience with no signs of overheating or tiring out except some occasional jerks and frame drops.


The P2 has it on the front whereas the Redmi Note 4 has it on the back. The P2 has functionally termed U-touch on fingerprint sensor that allows the user to customize its use, with an option to bring up the on-screen navigation buttons.


The earpiece on the P2 is a tad inferior as compared to the Redmi Note 4 and distorts the voice from the other side in slightest of background noises. The Redmi bears IR blaster and works well.

Wi-fi, Bluetooth and USB OTG works without any problem on both phones.


The Lenovo P2 is a bit pricey with 3GB RAM variant priced at Rs.16,999 and 4GB RAM variant at Rs.17,999 whereas the Redmi Note 4 has 3GB RAM variant at Rs.10,999 and 4GB RAM variant with a price tag of Rs.12,999

The P2 with rich fingerprint sensor, better imaging quality, massive battery, super-fast charging has a definite edge over the Redmi Note 4.

Bottom line – it all boils down to the needs and preferences you opt for defining your budget. I myself faced a tough time deciding!



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